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    In order to make a Friendly, healthy and good forum we have some rules and regulation.

    Posting on

    1. Kindly post in appropriate forum ie. A posting about Sad poetry should be in Shayari-e-dard forum, not just in any forum.
    2. Don’t use any type of abusive language i.e. usage of abusive language is strictly not allowed.
    3. Don’t post same question in more than one forum.
    4. You are not allowed to do any type of advertising for any type of company or any other stuff.
    5. Posting of Jokes, SMS, stories etc., which can hurt feelings of any community or religion are not allowed.
    6. Trying to sattle private issue by posting in public forum is strictly not allowed. You can always ask Monitors / Senior Members to help you.

    Rules about Signature and Avatar (profile pic)

    1. Never use too big signature or avatar.
    2. Never use any avatar for direct advertisement purpose. However you can use your sig to have link to your website.
    3. Don’t use any abusive, offensive, adult type of picture in your Signature or avatar.
    4. You are not allowed to use Sig or avatar which shows direct hatred to some one including but not limited to an entity, any community , person etc.

    Rules for Posting Poetry (Shayari) and related stuff

    1. You are allowed to post your creation.
    2. If you are posting poetry which is not your then please give proper credits. Anyone found to be posting someone’s creation with his/her name will get that post deleted.
    3. If you don’t like someone’s creation then please don’t reply or post in hatred or harsh manner, instead you can suggest him to improve etc.
    4. Don’t use Copyright stuff obtained from other website etc.
    5. You are not allowed to post any creation which is related to religion. This is not the place to show off your religion’s greatness or vice-verca.
    6. Do not use any post which is against any not limited to but country, religion, community etc.
    7. The use of “Quote” feature should be limited, the post which are doing quote to big messages will be deleted without warning.

    Misc. Rules

    1. is platform to share Poetry and love related discussion, we are not responsible for personal issue which includes but not limited to personal fight, friendship etc.


    1. We are not responsible for any type of post or content posted by users.
    2. Topics, Discussions and Posted Content is Copyright of the respective authors. Using any of their work from Yoindia without the permission of the author will be considered as copyright infringement.

    We hope that you will follow all the above rules and regulation to make the forum clean and healthy.

    ** Any one who is found not according to the above rules will be warned. If again found not following then will be banned from forums.

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